Sorrento Christmas Guide

One of the greatest gifts you can give this holiday season is the gift of concern for one’s health and well-being!

It means that you truly care and look out for them, wanting to watch your loved ones live their best life and achieve mental and physical well-being. After all, this year has dealt us with a lot of challenges because of the pandemic, it’s just appropriate that we treat them (or even ourselves!) a great experience of just living life.

Here at Sorrento Farms, we have the perfect line of products just for your loved one, perfect for gift-giving!

In this blog, we will be featuring our Christmas Gift Giving Guide which will be broken down to Skin Care, Relief, and Relaxation.

Excited to pick out the right product for you or your loved one? Let’s go!

Skin Care

With almost two years of us just cozying up and staying in our homes during the pandemic, many turned to skin care to keep themselves busy, or for those who were missing out on taking care of their skin during the pandemic, they now had time to prioritize it.

To know more about the importance of skin care read our blog about it here

Everyone was building their skin care routines, even documenting it in hope to share their personal tips and tricks to make their skin look their best.

Here at Sorrento Farms, we have our AM-PM Moisturizer with CBD and the Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter with CBD that may help you maintain or restore your youthful glow, moisturize, and provide an overall nourishment for your skin.

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Even with the pandemic looming, it didn’t stop us from grinding and hustling through work and errands that we have to accomplish everyday.

With this, we find ourselves being down and out, and tired from all the work that we’ve done.

Luckily, Sorrento Farm’s line of Delta-8 products is the perfect gift that can provide a variety of relief from aches and discomforts, as well as mood enhancement and having an uplifting, energetic experience.

To learn more about Delta 8 read our blog here.

To get your hands on our Delta 8 products, find them here.


A little rest and relaxation wouldn’t hurt! And this holiday season, that’s exactly what most of us would want to do.

During Christmas, we want to just sit back and reflect on everything that has happened this year, and the wonderful things that we all accomplished. This festive season, gift your loved one with our amazing selection of Bath Bombs, that can take their bathing experience to the next level!

To get our Bath Bombs, visit this link.

Truly, our amazing product will make your loved ones happy, while you’re making them take one step further towards health, well-being, and relaxation.

Ready your Christmas list and shop with us today!

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