Create An Amazing Work-Life Balance

Do you ever feel like all you do is work? You're not the only one who feels this way. According to recent data, more than 60% of American workers believe their work-life balance is out of sync.

But how can you find work-life balance when there's so much work to be done at home? Isn't it also beneficial to work harder?

With so many people adjusting to a new, post-pandemic workday, finding work-home balance has become even more difficult.

What does having Work-Life Balance mean?

Work-life balance is commonly viewed as a trade-off between time spent at work and time spent on non-work activities. In a perfect world, we would be able to do activities that fuel us as people after work, whether it's spending time with friends, family, or engaging in a hobby.

In this blog, we’ll be tackling why having a work-life balance is essential to one’s health and wellness, and why we need it now more than ever. Sorrento Farms also rounds up 5 tips in achieving a well-deserved balance in your work and personal life.

Why is having a work-life balance essential?

People need variety in how they spend their time, just like they need variation in their diets, to be healthy and energized for the long term. We have a tendency to believe that we can be productive at all times, or that an eight-hour workday equals eight hours of output.

Burnout, weariness, and stress-related health difficulties are more common in workaholics and those who fail to practice self-care. Working the same number of hours is also linked to an increased risk of anxiety and depression and a drop in physical health, even after accounting for pretty regular sleep patterns.

5 Tips to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

The truth is that no single method will work for everyone. It's also possible that you'll have to experiment with which time scale feels most appropriate to you. Trying to establish balance in a single day might be difficult, but it may be easier to attain over the course of a week or more.

Learning to check in with your inner self is the best approach to establish the ideal balance for you.You may re-calibrate your expectations and reset your work-life balance with a little creativity and intention.

Here are 5 tips to have a balanced work and personal life:

Set an End To Your Work-Related Activities

Work must cease at a specific time. Set an end-of-day deadline and stick to it by turning off work-related devices, locking your office, or scheduling something else.

Find Hobbies Outside of Work

Find something you enjoy doing outside of work. Our pastimes provide us with more energy and vitality. We bring our fresh selves back to work when we play and feel creative.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness makes imbalance difficult to overlook. You get more in tune with your emotions and physical sensations when you practice mindfulness techniques like meditation or breath awareness.

A way to enhance this essential tip is incorporating CBD pre-rolls in your meditation and mindfulness activities.

CBD pre-rolls provide the same health advantages as other CBD-containing products.

Relaxation is provided by these joints. They are also thought to improve brain function, alleviate chronic pain, and assist with other bodily issues.

Through CBD pre-rolls and practicing mindfulness techniques, paying attention to your inner feelings can help you recognize when you're ignoring a need in order to get things done.

Utilize Technology

Use technology to help you with unplugging. During the day, use an app to block distracting websites, and then block work tools after hours. If you can, limit your work to one device or keep one device free of work so you may entirely disengage.

Communicate with your boss

The anxiety of not doing enough often intensifies the sense of lack of work-life balance. Communicating with your colleagues and bosses can assist you in determining where you should spend your time and reassure you that you might be just a little too hard on yourself.

If there is truly too much to accomplish, it may be already a good time to consider hiring more hands or streamlining some activities.

The majority of us will spend a significant portion of our time at work. With this in mind, finding the proper balance and implementing it in your workplace is critical. This will allow you to disconnect from work and devote equal time to your personal life.

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