Best Gift to Give For Your Special Person

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Gift shopping for your partner can be tricky. Should you get them something romantic? Or some sort of an experience gift like traveling or other activities that you can both enjoy as a couple.

Even as someone whose love language is gift-giving, it can be really stressful to get your partner the perfect gift.

Honestly, even if you and your partner have been together for so long, some people are just super hard to shop for! But that does not change the fact that you want to get them something special that shows them how much you care for them.

Don’t stress out hard about it, though. We’ve rounded up three gifts that you can possibly give your special person this Christmas! From a spa package, bubble bath, or candles, these relationship gifts will surely win you points with your favorite person.

Spa Package

We all deserve a little pampering now and then. When you are treating your partner to a full spa treatment, you are allowing them experience pampering at its finest. It could be a mini-facial, a 30-minute massage, a body wrap, or a combination of all three. With this kind of package, your special someone will truly feel rejuvenated.

If your partner has been complaining about neck and back pain, a spa could also provide relief for their soreness. Massage therapy is one of the most effective and natural remedies for alleviating muscle pain, treating numbness and joint inflammation.

More than anything, you two can bond and relax together! Book that spa package for two and use the opportunity to catch up, squeeze in some laughs, and reminisce old times.

This will make you and your partner forget about the day’s worries and focus on what matters most – the love and bond that you’ve shared together.

Bubble Bath

When it comes to a little R&R, you know that we can count on a nice bath. It’s a great gift for your partner, because it’s a way to meditate and de-stress after a long day.

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than enjoying some one-on-one time with a glass of wine and a good book while soaking in the tub!

If your partner is the type who takes their bath time seriously, a gift basket with different body scrubs and body lotions is a great way to treat them!


Since most people have been cozying up at home this time of the year, one of the best items to give your special person this year are candles!

A really fragrant scent has the power to transport a person somewhere else entirely. Sure, your special someone might be cooped up in their apartment, but the right blend of Eucalyptus and Sandalwood can have them mentally enjoying cocktails on a tropical beach.

If your partner enjoys staying at home after a tough week at work, some candles have certain smells to improve your mood or keep stress at bay.

That is why candles remain to be the superior item to gift your special someone during the festive season!

Bath Bombs

Just like the bubble bath, bath bombs are the best gift this Christmas for your special person! After a long day at work, they’ll have an amazing time relaxing and unwinding! Plus, enjoy different scents that you and your partner can both explore and try!

Here at Sorrento Farms, we make amazing and quality bath bombs perfect for your special someone’s de-stressing activities and to improve their sleep quality as well!

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Make them feel your love this Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to show your special person how much you love them! With our recommended products, we guarantee that you’ll be able to make them fall even more in love with you!

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