About Our Farm

Welcome to our farm.  After a lifetime of living in the suburbs, 10 feet away from our neighbors, we decided we needed to spread out.  An opportunity to buy some land and move to a rural area allowed us to do just that.  We very quickly started to populate Sorrento Farm with lots of little friends.  Starting with chickens and quickly expanding to turkeys, sheep, donkeys, cows and peahens, not to mention our canine and feline friends.

The fun and enjoyment of watching animals be animals has filled our life and hearts with a love for nature.  She is incredible in every way.  Our animals keep us laughing everyday as we watch their crazy antics.  This love for nature led us to our new love for farming.  With the legalization of hemp in 2018, we started to investigate the beneficial effects of CBD and all of the amazing properties of the hemp plant.  This led to our own use of CBD products for pain relief, anxiety and stress reduction and sleep support. 

The CBD industry blossoming and allowing people to fully understand the beneficial effects of CBD and the other cannabinoids.  Hemp has gotten a bad wrap for many years because of misplaced government control.  The benefits of hemp are numerous and increasing rapidly as more scientific testing progresses.  Our family has enjoyed the benefits of hemp and CBD for years and we decided it was time to share our love of this product with you.  The products we sell have been used and tested by us, we feel confident of their effect and potency. 

We have been developing our plan to grow high quality hemp flower to share with our friends and family.  Our first licensing is complete and we will start growing in July.  Stay tuned for our own premium hemp flower grown on our farm, coming later this year.  Watch for updates and pictures as we move forward with this fun adventure.